Dallas Mavericks (last minute) DraftKings Outlook: @ Clippers 11/23/21

If you’re here it’s probably because you saw that Luka is back so your plans to start Porzingis, Brunson or Tim Hardaway, Jr. aren’t looking as good. Or are they? #TBPN #DFS

Dallas Mavericks DraftKings Outlook: @ Suns 11/17/21

Time is nearing for you to finalize your DraftKings lineups and you may be on the fence about which Mavs players should be in your rotation for tonight’s game against the Suns. I’m here to help you make those decisions.

State of the MFFL’s Address

What changed? What is causing the drama and in-fighting among the loyal fans of the Dallas Mavericks? Why is it happening now? Can we fix it? The truth is, there are several different reasons but I do think I can pin down the root of it, from there different branches have formed and we’ll get into those too.

Should the Mavs make a trade?

The idea of the Mavericks making a trade has led to much confrontation among MFFL’s. While some say we need a big body (including the front office according to Woj), others say we need a defensive wing. Then you have those that say that we don’t need to make a move at all. They either bring up the ghost of Rondo past, or the fear of ruining team chemistry. 

Mavs Free Agency Outlook

It’s that time of year again. Mavs fans are wondering what big name free agent the Mavs are going to lure in. This is the 9th year of this cycle and yet somehow Mavs fans remain optimistic. I love it, honestly, but I can’t join in the optimism. Every year there’s been a new reason that this year is different, and every year we have to accept that it isn’t.

Mavs Player Profile: Joshua Reaves

Overall, the Mavs have been much more quiet the past few days than MFFL’s would have liked but they did hustle to sign Penn State guard Josh Reaves to a 2-way deal. While it’s not a sexy signing, I’m not mad at it from a purely basketball perspective. Luka is going to need good perimeter defenders around him and Reaves could be that. 

Mavs Player Profile: Isaiah Roby

By now you’re aware that the Mavericks traded down from 37 to 45 in the draft (securing two additional future second round picks) and selected Isiah Roby out of Nebraska. After the draft, the Mavs then quickly swooped in to grab Joshua Reeves out of Penn State on the undrafted free agent market.

Mavs Signing: Ryan Broekhoff Profile

Nicola Brussino, Salah Mejri, Maxi Kleber. The Mavs continue their run of signing mysterious foreign players with the addition of Aussie Ryan Broekhoff.