Dallas Mavericks DraftKings Outlook: @ Suns 11/19/21

We’re back for round two of this series and the situation is the exact same. I’m here to help you decide which Mavs players should be in your rotation for tonight’s game against the Suns.

Dwight Powell

Story of the game

Luka and Maxi Kleber are out again so the available players are all the same for this second game against the Suns.

On Wednesday, Jalen Brunson far outperformed his value (his cost was $5700 and he put up 42.3 points means he was at about 150% of his value) so his price was increased dramatically going into game 2.

Kristaps Porzingis, Tim Hardaway, Jr., Dwight Powell, and even Frank Ntilikina all delivered if you had them in your lineup, despite the Mavericks loss, so do our picks change going into the second game?

Who to avoid

Two days ago I told you to avoid Frank Ntilikina and Trey Burke. Burke hit his value and Frank was well above so if you didn’t listen to me you did ok. With that said, I would still avoid Trey Burke ($3000) going into this game if you are looking for someone to perform well above value. I would also avoid Willie Cauley-Stein ($3000) who should probably not even be in the rotation.

I won’t recommend it, but I won’t stop you

One guy who should at LEAST hit his value but may not explode should be Frank Ntilikina ($3000) who I’m upgrading for today’s game after his performance in the prior game. Frank should have gotten more playing time and I’ll be banking on Jason Kidd upgrading him in this game. Other players who will certainly spend enough time on the court to hit value will be Reggie Bullock ($3000), Dwight Powell ($3400), and Dorian Finney-Smith ($4200).

Tim Hardaway, Jr.

Start them

Kristaps Porzingis ($7800): Going into the prior game I said I was hesitant about recommending Porzingis but he did his job. He got exactly 20 shots (as I predicted) and he didn’t actually shoot well (7/20) or rebound well (8). He will certainly get another 20 shots tonight and he will not shoot worse and has room to improve on his rebounds as well. His price went up by $400 but that should not deter you from plugging him into your lineups.

Jalen Brunson ($6700): Brunson’s price went up by $1000 going into this game which is reason to hesitate just a bit but I’m still calling him a safe play tonight. He was a rebound and an assist short of a triple-double in the prior game and should see his usage rate remain through the roof in this game.

Tim Hardaway, Jr. ($5500): That’s right, Tim Hardaway, Jr. is making the leap into starter territory tonight. I personally always avoid Hardaway, Jr. and he seems to have his off nights when I choose to go with him but with Luka out he becomes one of the 3 guys who can get a shot off at almost any time. He got off a team-high 23 shots in the last game and you can expect more of the same from Tim “Bombsaway” Jr in this one. He also shot pretty poorly (9/23) so if he shoots the same or better he should far outperform his price point.

That’s all I’ve got for you tonight!

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