The NBA GOAT Series (Late) 2021 List

Here is a list of the 100 greatest players in NBA history based on a mathematical formula.

2022 Mission

All of the things I am looking to accomplish in 2022

Dallas Mavericks DraftKings Outlook: @ Suns 11/17/21

Time is nearing for you to finalize your DraftKings lineups and you may be on the fence about which Mavs players should be in your rotation for tonight’s game against the Suns. I’m here to help you make those decisions.

NBA GOAT Rankings 2.0: Methodology

The debate around greatness in sports is neverending. Everyone has their own opinion. But what if there was a formula that could tell you the answer? Here is my attempt at accomplishing this for the NBA.

Review: I Am delivers a compassionate picture of schizophrenia

I Am follows a young woman named Gabi who is suffering from schizophrenia and also in the process of moving in with her boyfriend. Gabi has not told her boyfriend about her condition and she is struggling with managing it and trying to figure out how to tell him. We learn that this has not gone well for her in the past so she worries that once he knows, he’ll leave her.

Smudged Smile looks to bring awareness to depression in teens

You may remember a little over a year ago when I first introduced you to Oriane Pick through her web series Call it a Day. Well, my my friend across the pond at Candid Broad Productions is back with another project, but she will not be on-screen for this one. After the success of Call it a Day and the brilliant campaign behind I Am, Writer and Director Ella Greenwood reached out to Candid Broads to help bring her film Smudged Smile to life.