The Hole in the Ground will creep you out

The Hole in the Ground is a fun movie for sure. While this is a movie where the main character makes frustrating decisions, the payoff is still there. There are some effectively creepy moments and there is very little that is predictable. 

Arctic: The Latest Man vs. Nature epic

Arctic does not have a ton of dialogue as you’d imagine. Yet Mikkelsen manages to be engaging throughout. You have some of the typical moments from these types of movies but the stakes do increase at every turn. By the end you’ll feel like you were stranded with him which means it does its job. 

A Vigilante: Olivia Wilde takes on domestic violence (review)

A Vigilante gets a very strong performance from Olivia Wilde and tackles an important issue that doesn’t get covered well in most media. However, it is definitely a festival darling type of movie. This isn’t one you should watch if you’re slightly tired late at night. 

Summer ’03 is a “Must Watch” on Amazon

Summer ’03 is hilarious and very real. There are definitely some very cringey moments which I usually don’t like but it works here. I also love that its a movie with a female lead and director. I definitely cried during this movie but I’m not sure if it was the emotions or from laughter.