Netflix’s first Nollywood film: Lionheart Review

Though the story itself is familiar, there is a certain power to the story being told from another perspective. It was also great to see a side of Africa represented in this film that most don’t have the opportunity to see. I also need to see more Genevieve Nnaji in the years to come.  Continue reading Netflix’s first Nollywood film: Lionheart Review


Netflix Review: IO

It’s an isolation movie and isolation movies are a great way to dive deep into a character and make the audience live and die with their every move. IO did not do that and by the end I really didn’t care what happened to either of our two characters. The “twists” were obvious and held no weight. I don’t know what I was supposed to get from it.  Continue reading Netflix Review: IO

Netflix Review: Ozark

Ozark is like Breaking Bad if the pace was tripled . . . and I think I’m being modest. There is not a single wasted episode in the series. Bad decisions have almost instantaneous consequences. As soon as you think you know where things are going you’re hit with another surprise. On top of this the performances by everyone in the cast are gripping. You’ll want to talk about this show with people. Continue reading Netflix Review: Ozark