Hello people!

Starting this site is something that I have been procrastinating on for the longest and am glad to finally bring to fruition.

I thoroughly enjoy watching movies and dissecting everything about them. I try to find a reason to like everything that I watch but overall, when I come out of a movie and look to give it a review, I review the movie based on the likelihood I am to recommend that film to other people. All movies do not have the same target audiences clearly so of course I tailor my scale to the film but my taste and my feelings about what people will like a movie and what people won’t tend to be accurate. Because of this many people come to me for my movie opinions so I decided I should start sharing them in one place.

Along with movies, I am also very passionate about basketball, and only slightly less passionate about football. In the intro to my mixtape I said “I figure that I have a lot of talents, and I have a philosophy, that if you feel like you can do something…. why not?” So I’m going to keep my word to myself. The first thing on my mind sports-wise is NBA draft scouting. That’s something I’ve been doing every year since 2012 (I did it before then but can’t find that notebook, sadly) and I look forward to keeping that going.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact me with comments and suggestions!

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