2021 NBA Free Agency Tracker *Updated Live*

The NBA Free Agency Tracker is BACK for 2021. Every single NBA free agent is listed and I’ll be updating as the news comes in. Continue reading 2021 NBA Free Agency Tracker *Updated Live*

2020 NBA Offseason Tracker *Updated Live*

The NBA offseason has been condensed to one week due to the Coronavirus Pandemic so there has been a lot happening in a short span of time. Because of that, I’ve completely lost track of who is on what team and I assume if you’re reading this, you have too. Continue reading 2020 NBA Offseason Tracker *Updated Live*

NBA GOAT Rankings: Methodology

The debate around greatness in sports is neverending. Everyone has their own opinion. Somewhere along the way we decide what makes a player great in our head, and often we attach a name with that idea. Is it Brady in football? Or do you see him as a product of a legendary coach? Is Ali the greatest boxer of all time? Or is he just the greatest in his class or era? Continue reading NBA GOAT Rankings: Methodology