Mavs Outsiders: Weekly Roundup – No Luka… Problem?

This week the Mavs went 1-2 with losses to the Washington Wizards and Utah Jazz while defeating the Phoenix Suns. The Mavs were without both Luka Doncic and Christian Wood vs the Suns and Jazz but received huge performances from Spencer Dinwiddie to give the team a chance in both games.

With these losses, the Mavs fall to 8th in the West and will potentially be without Luka for one more game before he comes back. Things in the West are very tight and depending on how the week plays out the Mavs could be anywhere from 4th in the West to 12th in the West by the end of next week. May the Basketball Gods be merciful.

This week on the Mavs Outsiders, Reese and Bibs talked about this past week and preview the upcoming week as usual. See below for the show minutes and the player.

(Sometimes ads are added at the beginning of the pod so adjust these times by 1 minute if so)

00:16 – 21:08 Intros and Catching Up

24:12 – 48:15 Recaps

48: 15 – 1:03:00 All-Star Talk + What is a Center? + Tweets are Talking

1:22:35 – 1:40:50 The Weekly Segments

  • Fantasy Catchup
  • Unsung Hero
  • Weekly Forecast


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