2022 Mission (Recap)

2022 Mission

Self Improvement

Improve sleeping habits I actually made some good progress until the NBA returned

Drink more water Mixing in tea helped here but I’m a water drinker now. More life

Continue to work out regularly Fell off when the weather turned cold

Cook more Turned this up in the last two months of the year

Choose primary physician Done

Less mindless scrolling on social media improved but I can do better

Read 12 books Read zero

Step out of my comfort zone more I did, can do more

Work on Spanish regularly 300+ day streak active

Style upgrade (drip or drown) Made some different clothes purchases and I think they worked for me lol.

Make more time for the people that matter Accomplished, could do better


Secure the Master’s Done. Very proud of this

Secure full-time entertainment industry job Nope

Hit minimum salary goal Nope, but highest salary of my career after two raises

Continue to network Work in progress

Connect, and follow up. Reach out without need. Help where I can. Always trying to do more


Keep a running award and movie lists all year. List is listed

Start a running TV awards list all year Fell off hard with this. Gonna stick to movies

Get back to doing movie reviews Did not write any reviews

Start making recommendation lists on the website Rolling this over to 2023

Post awards winners for 2020 (long overdue) Rolled over

Post awards winners for 2021, bring back guest judges Rolled over

(Ambitious goal) Get back to screenwriting Didn’t happen

Grow the Brand


I did very little but accomplished a lot last year. Based on that, this year could be huge if I actually put the work in.

Over 5362 views on the website for the year. (2021 total) Failedd

Over 10,000 views (real goal)

Over 20,000 views (big goal)

Over 1063 views on a single post (current best) Failed

Over 3542 visitors to the site for the year (2021 total) Failed

5000 visitors to the site (real goal)

Over 10,000 visitors to the site (big goal)

Over 1500 visitors reaching the site through search engines (1302 in 2020) Failed

Post more indie movie news on the site. Nada

  • 12 posts at the worst
  • 24 posts preferable

Monthly recaps of everything I’ve done the past month (reviews, podcast episodes, podcast appearances) Will do one big one to wrap up 2022


Cross 40,784 streams on the Mavs Outsiders Podcast (25,000 new streams) Went over 55k NEW streams

Cross 55,784 (Big Goal) This would have been a goal for total streams but wee did 55k new, total was over 71k

Cross 1,000 streams on Bib’s Corner podcast (moving movie content over) accomplished

Cross 5,000 (Big Goal)

Bring on 1 guest per month on each podcast, minimum. Pretty much accomplished, some repeat guests

Make a guest appearance on a podcast every month Accomplished

Reach out to and secure sponsors. Didn’t do any outreach

Social Media

Bibscorner Twitter account to 10,000 followers Made it at the very end

Clean up accounts Need to do more cleanup

Become proficient in making graphics Dabbled. Can do more

Become consistent on at least one other app More active on IG


More IMDB credits (Producer credit is the big goal) 2 new credits on the way.

Accomplish additional offline Mavs Outsiders goals Made some strides, can do more

I am not worrying about formatting this a certain way to look nice. This is mostly for me.

Thanks again to anyone who took the time to check this out. Here’s to you reaching all of your goals this year as well.



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