Film Review: Tragedy Girls 

Elevator Review 

Tragedy Girls is a Horror Comedy crossed with a high school drama. The chemistry between the two main characters was amazing and worth the price of admission on it’s own, but the way the horror and comedy are woven together are what truly make this movie great. It is gory, and typically I don’t like gore, but the director did an amazing job of making me not feel it’s impact. This is a must see for anyone not immediately put off by gore.  Continue reading Film Review: Tragedy Girls 


Film Review: The Book of Henry

The Book of Henry was an interesting movie. It was not what I expected at all but that was a good thing. Early on in the movie I got a “Pay it Forward” vibe and that is probably the best comparison I could give. It was an emotional movie but does have some fun elements sprinkled in. It’s a good one-time watch.  Continue reading Film Review: The Book of Henry