Into the Dark: Culture Shock (Hulu)

Culture Shock at points is hard to follow. It’s starts out confusing, then becomes clear, then takes a surprising hard turn. For a while in the middle you will be very lost. I almost gave up on it during this period but when the reveal came I understood what was happening. Overall, I liked the idea by the end, just think it could have been executed differently.  Continue reading Into the Dark: Culture Shock (Hulu)


Midsommar… is not for everyone

If you saw Hereditary, think back to the last 30 minutes of the movie, then stretch that out over 2 hours. If you didn’t see Hereditary, Midsommar is a beautifully shot film that is 2 hours of dread within a peaceful (looking) setting. There are a lot of shocking/upsetting moments that will stick with you long after the movie ends. Again, it’s beautiful though! Continue reading Midsommar… is not for everyone

Bib’s Top 10 Movies of 2019 (So Far)

Halfway through 2019 I’ve seen 40 movies (a bit behind the pace for 100 but the draft took over for a bit there) and I wanted to give some indication of where I’m at with my top movies of the year. I’ve watched everything from Blockbuster theatrical releases to VOD indies and my top 10 should reflect a range of different mediums. I don’t discriminate.  Continue reading Bib’s Top 10 Movies of 2019 (So Far)