Bib’s Corner Podcast


My goal has always been to get myself in front of as many people as possible in as many ways as possible.

In 2020 that meant starting a solo podcast for the site. After the success and positive feedback that was received while working on the 3rd Round Picks podcast, I realized podcasting is something I could enjoy.

With the Bib’s Corner Podcast I will be able to bring you a mix of sports and entertainment information whenever I want and however I want.

At this time the idea is simple and I’ll lay out a short and long-term plan here.


  • A weekly recap of any new movies I’ve seen during the week. (Sunday nights)
  • The Bib’s Corner Film Awards
  • Interviews with actors and other industry professionals (stay tuned)
  • Guest appearances by friends of the show
  • Movie Reviews the day after I watch a movie


  • Any Mavs related hot topics
  • Post-game recaps
  • Any interesting topics that hit my mind

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