Into the Dark: Culture Shock (Hulu)

Culture Shock at points is hard to follow. It’s starts out confusing, then becomes clear, then takes a surprising hard turn. For a while in the middle you will be very lost. I almost gave up on it during this period but when the reveal came I understood what was happening. Overall, I liked the idea by the end, just think it could have been executed differently. 

Hulu Review: I’m just F*cking with You

I’m just F*cking with You starts out as online troll meets real life troll and quickly gets out of control. A wild ride of a movie that has great pacing and twists that will keep your attention. I enjoyed it. 

Hulu Review: Down

Down is a movie that does a good job of not being cheesy or making you question its characters decisions often. The shifting power dynamic between the two main characters is what stood out the most. I definitely enjoyed this one.