2023 Mission

For 13 years or so I have mapped out the things I wanted to accomplish by the end of the new year. I have found that writing out my goals and releasing them publicly helps me stick to my plan. It also is nice to reflect on where I was a year ago.

Often, I find that my areas of focus change which reminds me of the journey that I endured over the past 365 or 366 days.

2022 was a good year for me. I had some major wins, knocked down some big goals, and surprised myself in a few ways. Now on to 2023.


(results in Bold)

Self Improvement

Work out regularly.

Set and stick to daily social media limits.

Read books

Step out of my comfort zone more

Work on Spanish regularly

Improve sleeping habits

Cook more

Make more time for the people that matter


Continue to network

Learn a new skill

Connect, and follow up. Reach out without need. Help where I can.

Secure an entertainment industry job

Start doing freelance PR work

Hit minimum salary goal


(Ambitious goal) Get back to screenwriting

Grow the Brand


Over 10,000 views

Over 5000 visitors

Post more indie movie news on the site.

Clean up the tabs and pages

Bib’s Corner Podcasts

100,000 Streams on the Mavs Outsiders

Cross 2,000 streams on Have You Scene? (12,914 coming into the year)

Cross 5,000 (Big Goal)

Bring on 1 guest per month on each podcast.

Do interviews on both podcasts

Make as many guest appearances as possible

Reach out to and secure sponsors.

Grow the Brand


I did very little but accomplished a lot last year. Based on that, this year could be huge if I actually put the work in.

Keep running award and movie lists all year.

Get back to writing movie reviews

Start making recommendation lists on the website

Post awards winners for 2020

Post awards winners for 2021

Post awards winners for 2022 in March

Post more indie movie news on the site.

Monthly recaps of everything I’ve done the past month (reviews, podcast episodes, podcast appearances)

Social Media

Clean up accounts

Become proficient in making graphics

Become consistent on at least one other app


More IMDB credits (Producer credit is the big goal)

Start a Podcast Network

I’ll try to update this as the year goes on. Thanks again to anyone who took the time to check this out. Here’s to you reaching all of your goals this year as well.



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