Mavs Outsiders: The Curious Case of Christian Wood

Last week we were speculating, this week we’re giving you the facts regarding Christian Wood’s minutes.

If you are a regular listener of the podcast you know why the Mavs Outsiders exists. Reese and I are Outsiders when it comes to our Mavs fandom in many ways. Neither of us lives in Dallas, neither of us is credentialed, and Mark Cuban would admittedly cross the road if either of us was walking toward him with a hoodie on.

However, as our platform grows, we get the attention of interesting people, and with that comes information. While it’s typically a good idea to keep things close to the vest, this week we are sharing that information.

Christian Wood went from playing 34 minutes a game to under 20 for no obvious reason and the fans want answers. Initially, some tried to rationalize the decision by stating that it was made for defensive purposes. Even those fans have realized that Dwight Powell is not exactly a defensive anchor and have let that talking point go. On the other side of the ball, it is night and day with Wood averaging almost 15 points per game despite the limited minutes and Powell still struggling to crack 10.

Wood should be starting. It is obvious to anyone with a brain. We’ve heard the national media question it lightly during live broadcasts, but for some reason, it is not a point that is being driven home by the Mavs Insider media. Are we crazy? Or is something else going on? Reese and I give you all of the details.

Christian Wood celebrates making a shot for the Dallas Mavericks
Saturday, Oct. 22, 2022. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

The episode is a long one so if you just want the Christian Wood details, check the show notes below. In the first part of the episode Reese and I caught up after not talking most of the week. We then recapped both games from the past week. After the Christian Wood section, we went through our weekly segments including Reese’s Unsung Hero of the Week and Weatherman Bibs delivering the Weekly Forecast.

(If there are ads at the beginning of the episode these times may be off by a minute)

00:16 – 17:20 Intros and Life Talk

17:30 – 46:50 Game Recaps

  • Brief Spurs Game Mention
  • Lakers Game Discection

46:55 – 1:22:48 The Christian Wood Situation Explained

1:25:11 – 1:38:54 Weekly Segments

  • Fantasy Roundup
  • Unsung Hero of the Week
  • Weekly Forecast


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