Mavs Free Agency Wish List

Another year, another Mavs Free Agency. There will be no mass pursuit of big fish, but Deandre Jordan is back on the Mavs radar. With his name being the only one floated publicly, he’ll definitely be a focus of this list but I do want to focus on some under the radar moves as well. 

Mavs Signing: Antonius Cleveland Profile

While I had heard Cleveland’s name before I have to admit I hadn’t paid him much mind. Most people seem to be impressed by his athleticism and a highlight package search does bring up a lot of lob catches but that’s not the only aspect of his game that is impressive. I also noticed that he likes to shoot off the dribble and does most of his damage in the mid-range. Currently, only Harrison Barnes really does much work in the mid-range for the Mavs so this would be welcomed on our offense. I also noticed that he has good timing on defense and uses his length and athleticism to get blocks both on and off the ball. Let’s dig deeper. 

Dallas Mavericks – Season Preview

Dennis Smith, Jr. The future – After years of failure in the draft (and in the offseason) the Mavericks finally appear to have gotten a future All-Star type player in Smith. He was a revelation in the summer league and continues to make highlights with his layup line dunks. The Mavericks haven’t see a point guard with this type of athleticism and for the first time it feels like there may be a suitable replacement for Dirk as the face of the franchise. 

Mavs Signing: Gian Clavell Profile

First Impression During my time watching Summer League Gian Clavell was a guy whose name I heard often. I particularly remember his clutch 3 against the Grizzlies to send a game to overtime. A quick search online for highlights brings up several clutch performance highlights so we’re talking about a guy who does not shy…

Mavs Signing: P.J. Dozier Profile

First Impression/Background Info PJ went to high school right down the road from me, then played 2 years of college ball at my alma mater so I am very familiar with who he is and how his game has developed. I was one of the many South Carolina fans who were stunned when he announced…

Mavs Signing: Maxi Kleber Profile

When I started watching film on Kleber my first thought was that I expected him to push Dwight Powell. Then as I watched more film on him… I thought he might actually be here to REPLACE Dwight Powell. Then I realized that Dwight Powell was supposed to be auditioning to be Dirk’s heir which means that Maximiliam Kleber would now be auditioning to be Dirk’s heir…

Dallas Mavericks Free Agency Outlook

Last year it was refreshing to see the Front Office embrace a youth movement and I was looking forward to a pretty chill off-season this year. 

With athat said I did not realize we would be completely inactive and the silence has become deafening.