Every 2020 Movie (Ranked)

As I did last year, I plan to watch as many movies as possible this year. Along the way I’ll be rating those movies and adding them to this list. 

Mavs 3rd Quarter Report Card

Just like the first quarter and mid-season report cards, I’ll be handing out letter grades for all of the key players and Coach Carlisle. These are not grades on how good they are, this is a grade on how good they have been at the things they should be doing this season. 

State of the MFFL’s Address

What changed? What is causing the drama and in-fighting among the loyal fans of the Dallas Mavericks? Why is it happening now? Can we fix it? The truth is, there are several different reasons but I do think I can pin down the root of it, from there different branches have formed and we’ll get into those too.

1st Annual Bib’s Corner Movie Awards (Nominees)

After allowing the movies I watched in 2019 to marinate for a while I am finally ready to announce the nominees for the 1st Annual Bib’s Corner Movie Awards.
What better way to do that than creating my own awards? 

Mavs Mid-Season Report Card

Before the season I predicted the Mavs would make the playoffs but I had them in the 7-8 range. When we checked in for our first quarter report card, the Mavs had made their way up to the 2 seed but things have changed since then.

Every 2019 Movie (ranked)

One of my goals for 2019 was to keep a running ranking of every movie I watched this year. That way I wasn’t spending too much energy trying to figure out how I felt about a movie from January when December rolled around. I still ended up shifting some of the movies at the end but it was much easier starting out with a baseline. 

1st Annual Bib’s Corner Movie Awards (shortlists)

With awards season upon us I find myself already being disappointed by the nominees. Many great performances and movies are being overlooked (as usual) and rather than being frustrated I’ve decided to do my part in making sure they’re recognized.

What better way to do that than creating my own awards? 

Should the Mavs make a trade?

The idea of the Mavericks making a trade has led to much confrontation among MFFL’s. While some say we need a big body (including the front office according to Woj), others say we need a defensive wing. Then you have those that say that we don’t need to make a move at all. They either bring up the ghost of Rondo past, or the fear of ruining team chemistry. 

Waves Review: 2 stories about love and family

Waves has a strong cast, headlined by Sterling K. Brown and rising star Kelvin Harrison, Jr. The first story is about toxic masculinity but both stories highlight how a lack of communication within a family can be devastating.