2021 Mission

For 11 years or so I have sat down to map out my year. From personal goals to professional I have found that writing out the things I want to accomplish in a year publicly helps me stick to my plan. It also is nice to reflect on where I was a year ago.

Often, I find that my areas of focus change and it’s fun to look back and see what was important to me the prior year and what is important to me now.

2020 was a weird year. I started out strong, focused, locked in. I accomplished some big things in the first few months…. then the lockdown started and we moved into a world where we had no idea what the future would hold. As things settled down I got back to work but some things had changed and that will be covered on my 2020 Mission recap.

2020 Recap

(results in Bold)

Self Improvement

Improve sleeping habits: Downloaded the Calm app, has worked wonders for my restlessness. Next step is to actually get into bed at a decent hour.

Drink more water: I have improved, but more can be done.

Continue to work out regularly: This was going great up until the shutdown. Even then I was making time for my bike, and after my move I’ve tried to do cardio at least 3 days a week. Still can and will do better.

Set and stick to daily social media limits: I failed hard here. Still work to do.

Make more time to listen to podcasts/read: I did a ton of podcast listening, need to do more reading.


Begin a Master’s program: I should be halfway complete but took a break in the summer. 4 classes down, 6 to go.

Job change, closer to desired field: School has put this on a semi hold. Decided after I get halfway through the course I’ll start shooting shots.

Continue to build writing portfolio: Writing kinda fell off, picked up podcasting though.

Continue to network: A lot of growth here. I can do more to nurture those relationships.

Connect, and follow up. Reach out without need. Help where I can.: As mentioned above, the follow up is where I’ve lacked. The helping has been strong I believe.


Finish a first draft of at least two scripts. Write creatively every week, no less than an hour. If I haven’t written something for myself by the time Sunday night rolls around, force it to happen. Submit to contests, publications, or at least for someone in the industry to provide feedback. Put myself out there. Combining these 3 into one. I don’t think I have a passion here right now. Might pick it back up but I have a lot of other things working.

Become a Rotten Tomatoes certified critic in March: I applied and was not accepted. Based on the response they want to see me branch out. I am not sure this is a goal right now.

Keep running award and movie lists all year.: It was a weird year for movies but I did keep my lists running.


Over 4732 views on the website for the year. (2019 total): I hit 5362

5000 (next checkpoint): Check

10000 (Big goal): I’ll keep this here but I did break 5000 on the podcast as well so I combined the two.

Over 864 views on a single post (current best): Single post high was 508. That’s cool with me though

Over 3110 visitors to the site for the year (2019 total): Hit 3372

Random little goals

100 views from another country (current high is 85 from Germany in 2017): 205 from the UK, 94 from Slovenia, 89 from China for good measure. I guess Germany fell off with Dirk retired.

100 views on a film related piece (current high is 82) sports posts do much better. 331 on the 2020 Movie rankings. 140 on the “Call it a Day” review. 136 on the 2019 movie rankings

Post more indie movie news on the site.

12 posts at the worst, 24 posts preferable, 50 is the big goal: Failed miserably here. I only did 2 indie reviews on the site, 1 in January, then one in August. Covid definitely was a factor, as was school.

Start releasing audio/video reviews and interviews on the site: I completely forgot I set this goal but I did start a podcast, starting releasing reviews in August and started the youtube channel in December.

100 total posts on the website.: I ended up with just 18 posts on the website. However, I did release 73 podcast episodes and 10 Youtube videos which is 101 pieces of content.

2021 Mission

So now to 2021. Much has changed for me as far as what I want and the things I’m doing and that will be reflected in these goals.

Self Improvement

Improve sleeping habits

Drink more water

Continue to work out regularly.

Choose primary physician

Set and stick to daily social media limits.

Read 12 books

Step out of my comfort zone more

Work on Spanish regularly


Complete at least 4 more courses towards Master’s

Shoot 4 Big professional shots

Continue to network

Connect, and follow up. Reach out without need. Help where I can.


Keep running award and movie lists all year.

Get back to writing for external publications

Grow the Brand


Huge milestones were hit on the site this year but I can go bigger.

Over 5362 views on the website for the year. (2020 total)

Over 10,000 views (Big goal)

Over 864 views on a single post (current best)

Over 3372 visitors to the site for the year (2020 total)

5000 visitors to the site

Over 1500 visitors reaching the site through search engines (808 in 2020)

Post more indie movie news on the site.

  • 12 posts at the worst
  • 24 posts preferable
Bib’s Corner Podcasts

Cross 17,000 streams on Bib’s Corner: Sports (keeping pace from 2020)

Cross 25,000 (Big Goal)

Cross 2,000 streams on Bib’s Corner: Film (Just started, still growing that side)

Cross 5,000 (Big Goal)

Bring on 1 guest per month on each podcast, minimum.

Secure 10 major interviews between both podcasts.

Reach out to and secure sponsors.


100 Subscribers

500 Subscribers

1000 Subscribers (Major Goal)

2000 watch hours

4000 watch hours (Major Goal)

Post at least 50 videos

Post 100 videos

I am not worrying about formatting this a certain way to look nice. This is mostly for me.

Thanks again to anyone who took the time to check this out. Here’s to you reaching all of your goals this year as well.



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