Portland Trail Blazers – Season Preview 

“Bad Boy” Blazers – I happen to follow a few Blazers players on twitter and they seem to be embracing a “Bad Boy” persona for the team. Caleb Swanigan embodied this the other night getting into an altercation with Alex Len of the Suns and Stotts backed his guy up saying “Caleb Swanigan isn’t going to back down from anybody, and we expect that from him.” Big Nurk’s father’s exploits are well documented and the Bosnian Beast will also not be backing down. With those two enforcers down low, and the outside tandem of Lillard and McCollom steering the ship this Bad Boy theme could carry this team to new heights.  Continue reading Portland Trail Blazers – Season Preview 

Phoenix Suns – Season Preview 

How good can Devin Booker be? – Booker gets buckets. He did so to the tune of 70 points against the Celtics last year. This year he’ll look to turn that scoring into more actual winning and to do so will need to step up in other ways besides scoring. We will see if he is able to do so.  Continue reading Phoenix Suns – Season Preview 

Philadelphia 76ers – Season Preview 

Joel Embiid Extension – Joel Embiid got PAID a few days ago and he’s feeling good. In back to back games he’s screamed about how the opponents can’t guard him and they really can’t. A healthy Embiid is a scary proposition for the league. He shoots 3’s, put’s the ball on the floor, has a post game, blocks shots. He’s basically the perfect Center for today’s league. The 76ers are gambling that they will get a healthy Embiid and did not want to risk him leaving in the offseason. You can’t help but root for the guy.  Continue reading Philadelphia 76ers – Season Preview 

Oklahoma City Thunder – Season Preview 

The Big OK3 – After Westrbook carried the city on his back last year and watched The Snake/Cupcake/Catfish (whatever we’re calling KD these days) ride off into the sunset with a ring. He needed help, and this summer Sam Presti went and got it. They were able to bring in both Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to assist Westrbook in his quest to take the West and it will be interesting to see how the trio comes together.  Continue reading Oklahoma City Thunder – Season Preview 

New York Knicks – Season Preview 

Carmelo Traded – Another team, another corner stone that is no longer there. Carmelo was traded just before the preseason to the OKC Thunder and so his ride in NY is over. Kristaps Porzingis is immediately elevated to the face of the franchise and with the drafting of French PG Frank Ntilikina and the signing of SG Tim Hardaway, Jr. the team has a solid young core to build around. The trade brought over Doug McDermott and Enes Kanter who figure to be key contributors for this team right away as well.  Continue reading New York Knicks – Season Preview 

New Orleans Pelicans – Season Preview 

Cousins staying or leaving? – Demarcus Cousins will be a free agent in the upcoming offseason and the entire league is going to be watching him closely. His reputation as a malcontent and a locker room/coach’s headache has to be erased or at least cooled down with this year. There’s almost no doubt that he receives max offers, the question is who his suitors will be.  Continue reading New Orleans Pelicans – Season Preview 

Minnesota Timberwolves – Season Preview 

Jimmy Butler Trade – After it was made clear that the Bulls were looking to deal Jimmy Butler the Wolves immediately emerged as a major suitor. They finally pulled the trigger on a deal that was good for both sides and reunited Jimmy with Tom Thibodeau. Butler brings his playoff experience as well as his toughness to this Wolves team and immensely boosts their profile in the gauntlet that will be the West this year.  Continue reading Minnesota Timberwolves – Season Preview 

Milwaukee Bucks – Season Preview 

Giannis an MVP Candidate? – As everyone around the league has watched Giannis’ meteoric rise over the past 4 seasons they expect him to take the next step this year. Having been an All-Star last year while leading his team in every statistical category nobody knows what the ceiling is for the Greek Freak. With Jabari Parker missing at least half of the season Giannis will again need to carry the team and if he worked on his shot any during the offseason… Watch out.  Continue reading Milwaukee Bucks – Season Preview 

Miami Heat – Season Preview 

Unfinished Business – Last year the Miami Heat made history. They started the season 11-30…. then went 30-11 to end the year. They actually tied with the Bulls for the 8 seed but lost the tie breaker. According to reports there were tears shed in the locker room after their last game. They brought back their key free agents with huge paydays to keep the core together around Dragic and Whiteside while adding big man depth which was an issue last year. The Heat come into this season on a mission to finish what they started in the second half of last season.  Continue reading Miami Heat – Season Preview