Pacers Player Profile: Goga Bitadze

While I was pulling for Goga to be drafted by Charlotte I LOVE that he’s going to a playoff team. Not just a playoff team but a team with a young core that he can grow with over the next few years. I think he is a big unlike any that they already have and instantly adds versatility to their lineups. It’s also a team that is not going need him to do a ton early so he can be brought in slowly if necessary.  Continue reading Pacers Player Profile: Goga Bitadze

Hornets Player Profile: PJ Washington

As an NBA fan living in South Carolina the closest team to me is the Charlotte Hornets. I’ve been a Mavs fan for as long as I can remember but I’ve been in South Carolina for 17 years now and have been supporting them more and more over the years. One area that they have routinely failed historically has been the draft so on top of the looming Kemba Walker free agency decision, the draft has been a huge source of anxiety for Buzz City.  Continue reading Hornets Player Profile: PJ Washington

NBA Draft 2019: Top Mavs Targets

The Mavs, for the first time in a long time, have two big time players that are under 25. Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis are the future but we need to add complimentary pieces around them. While there is a ton of talk online about 30 year olds that might come in and help the Mavs compete, I’m way more interested in the young guys we can bring in who can grow with the big 2. The types of players we need fall into two camps.  Continue reading NBA Draft 2019: Top Mavs Targets

Bib’s NBA Draft Big Board 2019

I have spent countless hours watching games this year. From the games I was able to watch live on television to the games I had to watch off of youtube. From the NCAA tournament to the players literally playing in high school gyms. From America, to Brazil, to Lithuania, Australia, Israel, Spain and anywhere else that basketballs bounce and are filmed. I’ve been able to watch enough to confidently speak on over 110 of this year’s prospects and that will start with this big board. Continue reading Bib’s NBA Draft Big Board 2019