Soldier of War available on VOD: Review

While the budget constraints are clear, Soldier of War does enough with what it has to be an entertaining film. The ghost/monster spends the majority of the film without us knowing what it looks like and that works here. It’s aggressive and the story has historical elements that make it interesting. If you’re an indie horror fanatic you’ll enjoy this one.  Continue reading Soldier of War available on VOD: Review


Netflix’s first Nollywood film: Lionheart Review

Though the story itself is familiar, there is a certain power to the story being told from another perspective. It was also great to see a side of Africa represented in this film that most don’t have the opportunity to see. I also need to see more Genevieve Nnaji in the years to come.  Continue reading Netflix’s first Nollywood film: Lionheart Review

Film Review: Tragedy Girls 

Elevator Review 

Tragedy Girls is a Horror Comedy crossed with a high school drama. The chemistry between the two main characters was amazing and worth the price of admission on it’s own, but the way the horror and comedy are woven together are what truly make this movie great. It is gory, and typically I don’t like gore, but the director did an amazing job of making me not feel it’s impact. This is a must see for anyone not immediately put off by gore.  Continue reading Film Review: Tragedy Girls 

Netflix Review: Ozark

Ozark is like Breaking Bad if the pace was tripled . . . and I think I’m being modest. There is not a single wasted episode in the series. Bad decisions have almost instantaneous consequences. As soon as you think you know where things are going you’re hit with another surprise. On top of this the performances by everyone in the cast are gripping. You’ll want to talk about this show with people. Continue reading Netflix Review: Ozark