Review: I Am delivers a compassionate picture of schizophrenia

I Am follows a young woman named Gabi who is suffering from schizophrenia and also in the process of moving in with her boyfriend. Gabi has not told her boyfriend about her condition and she is struggling with managing it and trying to figure out how to tell him. We learn that this has not gone well for her in the past so she worries that once he knows, he’ll leave her.

Every 2020 Movie (Ranked)

As I did last year, I plan to watch as many movies as possible this year. Along the way I’ll be rating those movies and adding them to this list. 

Every 2019 Movie (ranked)

One of my goals for 2019 was to keep a running ranking of every movie I watched this year. That way I wasn’t spending too much energy trying to figure out how I felt about a movie from January when December rolled around. I still ended up shifting some of the movies at the end but it was much easier starting out with a baseline. 

Waves Review: 2 stories about love and family

Waves has a strong cast, headlined by Sterling K. Brown and rising star Kelvin Harrison, Jr. The first story is about toxic masculinity but both stories highlight how a lack of communication within a family can be devastating. 

Brittany Runs a Marathon review: An unlikeable lead

Brittany Runs a Marathon starts out strong with great humor and an inspiring story. Then, when things appear to be looking up for Brittany she devolves and hurts the people around her. This killed the good vibes and simply made me dislike her the rest of the movie. 

Parasite review: Funny, Real, then Dark

I went into Parasite blind so I was incredibly shocked by what I saw. Bong Joon Ho has to be up for every writing and directing award for his work here. Even when I knew things weren’t going to go well I felt secure and when he took that away it left me devastated. By the end I was hurt but the message had been received.

JoJo Rabbit packs a punch despite the humorous elements

You will laugh and you will cry. Taika Waititi’s Nazi Germany satire Jojo Rabbit manages to make you laugh through most of its runtime while still delivering serious messages throughout. Even when things get heavy you can’t help but enjoy this movie. 

Rattlesnake is a solid movie with an annoying ending

Rattlesnake is a fine movie to watch when you have nothing else to watch. There’s not a lot to discuss when it’s over but there are some good tense moments and some good horror moments as well. You also do go on a bit of a ride with Ejogo’s character as she tries to work through her predicament. I mostly just didn’t like being toyed with at the end.