Scooter: New found footage thriller

“The Three Amigoes” are popular youtubers who do challenges on their channel. They’ve been friends all of their lives and get to make money together by just being goofy online. In Scooter, they take on a challenge that is much bigger than anything they’ve done before as they will try to ride low powered scooters from Miami to New Orleans. Over 800 miles. I’m not sure they even made it out of Florida.  Continue reading Scooter: New found footage thriller


I think the hype ruined Booksmart for me

While I don’t want to REALLY make the comparison I have to. Booksmart was essentially a woman led version of Superbad with smarter leads. The style of comedy, the adventure aspect, all of it. While there was more story here, that’s the best way to describe what you’re getting into.  Continue reading I think the hype ruined Booksmart for me

It Chapter Two, too long and anti-climactic (review)

It Chapter Two put together a dream cast with a combined 2 Oscar nominations, 6 Emmy nominations and 1 Emmy win (2, 3, and the win respectively from Jessica Chastain alone). Now the question was how they would go about telling this part of the story and could they truly capture the magic that the kids did with a group of 40 year olds? Continue reading It Chapter Two, too long and anti-climactic (review)

Peanut Butter Falcon review

Peanut Butter Falcon wastes no time getting to its story. Shia Labeouf plays Tyler. He’s a crappy fisherman who is on his way nowhere and keeps making trouble for himself down at the docks. At the same time we have Zak. He’s a young man with downs syndrome who is stuck at an old folks home in this same small, coastal North Carolina town. Along with his roommate he plans a late night escape and winds up having to hide at the docks.  Continue reading Peanut Butter Falcon review

Screwball Review : One of a kind story

Just this year “Screwball” was released for the mass audience to watch.  It is not hidden nor difficult to figure out what the movie is about, nor is it something sports fans can avoid. Screwball is about the steroid era in baseball, and how it became such an epidemic to a historically clean sport that is considered “America’s past time” Continue reading Screwball Review : One of a kind story