Every 2020 Movie (Ranked)

As I did last year, I plan to watch as many movies as possible this year. Along the way, I’ll be rating those movies and adding them to this list.

Last year I set out to write 100 reviews and I did so. This year I planned to focus my energy on reviewing indie movies and I’ve been fortunate to have some great films sent my way. However, since I will be writing fewer reviews, that gives me more time to watch movies and I hope that means this list will be even longer.

Any movies I write reviews for will have links to them included, if I don’t have a review I’ll link the trailer instead if I rated the movie 3.5 or higher. (They’ll open in another window.)

Always feel free to hit me on twitter at any of my pages with questions!

***Last Updated 1/17/23***


Amazing (5 stars)

  1. One Night in Miami (Review)
  2. The Invisible Man (Review)
  3. Crip Camp (Trailer)
  4. 1917 (Review)
  5. Another Round (Trailer)

Great (4.5 stars)

  1. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Video Review
  2. The Old Guard (Trailer) – Podcast episode (Listen)
  3. Just Mercy (Review)
  4. The Vast of Night (Trailer) – Podcast episode: (Listen)
  5. Soul (mentioned here
  6. His House (Audio Review
  7. Enola Holmes (Trailer


Very good (4 stars)

  1. Da 5 Bloods (Review)
  2. Bad Education (Trailer) – Podcast episode: (Listen)
  3. The Sound of Metal (Trailer) JUST ADDED
  4. Miss Juneteenth (Audio Review
  5. Tigertail (Review)
  6. Run (Video Review
  7. The Hunt (Trailer)
  8. Babyteeth (Trailer) – Podcast episode: (Listen)
  9. Sylvie’s Love (Video Review
  10. Black Box (Audio Review
  11. Host (Trailer
  12. The Platform (Trailer
  13. Selah and the Spades (Trailer) ***End of Top 25***
  14. Sh*thouse (Audio Review

Good (3.5)

  1. The 40 Year Old Version (Audio Review
  2. Vampires vs. The Bronx (Audio Review
  3. Spenser Confidential (Review
  4. Palm Springs (Trailer) – Podcast episode: (Listen
  5. Becky (Trailer) – Podcast episode: (Listen
  6. Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm (Trailer)
  7. Promising Young Woman (Trailer)
  8. Trial of the Chicago 7 (Trailer)
  9. 1BR (Trailer) – Podcast episode: (Listen)
  10. Ghost (Review) – Podcast episode: (Listen)
  11. Athlete A (Trailer) – Podcast episode: (Listen)


Ok (3)

  1. The Way Back (Review)
  2. The Gentlemen (Review)
  3. Big Time Adolescence (Trailer
  4. Onward 
  5. Croods: A New Age (Trailer
  6. Limbo (Review) (Audio Review
  7. La Llorona (Trailer
  8. Tenet (Trailer) – Podcast episode: (Listen)
  9. Yes, God, Yes (Review) – Podcast episode: (Listen)
  10. Spell (Audio Review
  11. Homewrecker (Review) – Podcast episode: (Listen)
  12. The Night Clerk (Trailer)
  13. The Wrong Missy (Trailer)
  14. Coffee and Kareem (Review)
  15. Extraction (Review)
  16. Birds of Prey (Trailer)
  17. An American Pickle (Trailer) – Podcast episode: (Listen)
  18. Mank JUST ADDED
  19. Charm City Kings JUST ADDED
  20. Project Power (Review) – Podcast episode: (Listen)
  21. Bad Boys For Life (Trailer)
  22. Freaky (Trailer
  23. Watch List (Trailer) – Podcast episode: (Listen)

Maybe certain audiences (2.5)

  1. Saint Maud *Start of bottom 25*
  2. Fantasy Island
  3. New Mutants – Podcast episode: (Listen)
  4. A Fatal Affair – Podcast episode: (Listen)
  5. Cuties (Audio Review)
  6. To All the Boys I loved before 2
  7. The Photograph (Review)
  8. The Boy 2 (Review)
  9. Uncorked (Review)
  10. The King of Staten Island – Podcast episode: (Listen)


It’s a movie (2)

  1. Swallow – Podcast episode: (Listen)
  2. The Love Birds (Review)
  3. Lost Girls
  4. The Assistant – Podcast episode: (Listen)
  5. Nomadland 

Bad (1.5)

  1. Wonder Woman 1984 (Video Review
  2. Antebellum (Audio Review)
  3. Dangerous Lies (Review)
  4. The Current Occupant

I can’t believe this got made/couldn’t finish (1)

  1. The Tax Collector 
  2. The Turning

There was nothing to like about this movie (0)

  1. The Rhythm Section (Review)
  2. Tyler Perry’s A Fall From Grace (Review)
  3. I’m Thinking of Ending Things – Podcast episode: (Listen)
  4. The Lodge – Podcast episode: (Listen)

If any movies are out that you don’t see listed feel free to drop a comment, message me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or shoot me an email. I already have a list of movies to see but recommendations are how I prioritize.

2020 Movies I still plan to watch to get to 100 for the year: Over the Moon, Mulan, Scare Me, Come to Daddy, The Father, Jingle Jangle, First Cow, Relic, Time, Collective, “Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always”, Hamilton, Wolfwalkers, The Mole Agent, and Boy’s State.

Thanks again for checking this page and be sure to check back frequently when you’re looking for movie recommendations!



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