Greatest Show and Movie of All-Time (Semi-Finals)

With two rounds down things have gotten much less surprising on the tv side while the movie side has yielded some interesting results. Less technical issues in round 2 made the votes somewhat more level but lets get into it.

As for the matchups themselves, you can see the results >>here<<.

Let’s start with the happenings on the movie side.

Quick highlights

  • Pulp Fiction (2) vs The Godfather (10) was the closest matchup with the latter winning 32-28 for the upset.
  • The Dark Knight (13), after putting out Goodfellas with an upset, DOMINATED fellow Cinderella Psycho (12) 41-13.
  • The two 1994 movies continue their dominance and will face each other if they can hold off the two challengers.

Now for the Semi-Finals.

Greatest Movie of All-Time

#1 The Shawshank Redemption vs. 23 + 7 = 30

#13 The Dark Knight 31 + 4 = 35

#3 Forrest Gump vs. 37 + 6 = 43

#10 The Godfather 37 + 5 = 42

With less options the opportunity for chaos is much smaller but the way this bracket has turned out could return interesting results still. The Dark Knight made short work of its first two opponents to get here and now faces the favorite to win it all. We’ll see if it has enough steam to power through.

Meanwhile, The Godfather has returned to its rightful place after being undervoted in the submission phase. However, as a 10 seed it would still be interesting to see the film upset Forrest Gump.

Gump vs Shawshank is a classic debate since the former won Best Picture back in 1994 while most consider the latter the better film. Will the user tournament end up having to make this decision again? We shall see.

The show bracket has turned out much less exciting with all four of the top seeds advancing to the Semi-Finals. However there were two dark horses that put up a heck of a fight.

Quick highlights

  • South Park vs. The Office seemed to be a tough matchup for most, as it should be as the 4 vs. 5 match but in the end most leaned toward The Office and it walked away a very clear winner. 36-13.
  • The closest matchup ended up being Chappelle’s Show vs Game of Thrones. Chappelle won on Facebook but the twitter community is much larger and that was enough to give Thrones the win but only by a margin of 27-20. It almost makes you wonder where Chappelle would land had we separated comedies and dramas. Hmmm.
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was the other Cinderella and they also lost to The Sopranos by single digits. 20-11. However this poll did have the lowest total votes.

Greatest Show of All-Time

#1 Breaking Bad vs. 39 + 5 = 44

#4 The Office 20 + 2 = 22

#3 The Sopranos vs. 20 + 1 = 21

#2 Game of Thrones 32 + 6 + 38

We are down to just one comedy left standing and I actually think it has a good chance of winning with its cult following. Meanwhile the two HBO classics are head-to-head. Will the top seeds prevail yet again? This could get interesting.

I’ll be posting polls on Facebook and Twitter so feel free to vote in both (and follow both if you like *shrug*).


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