Greatest Show and Movie of All-Time (Round 2) *Results Added*

Round 1 of our tournament has ended and it was quite the adventure. There were issues with twitter, some debate over the format, barely any people knowing I have a page on Facebook. Regardless, we made it through and we’re on to the second round.

I expect more votes, more debate, and closer matches as we move forward.

Here are some quick lowlights:

  • The thread for the polls on the tv side only linked to the first matchup which is why Breaking Bad vs. The Simpsons had 100 votes on twitter and the rest had around 40 or less. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again.
  • I had a typo in my greatest movie of all time head tweet. (Greatest Mocie).
  • I just started the Facebook page so I only had like 30 followers and the most responses I got on one of the posts was around 6 or 7. we’re up to 77 so we’ll see if that number goes up.

As for the matchups themselves, you can see the results >>here<<.

Let’s start with the happenings on the movie side.

Quick highlights

  • Psycho vs The Usual Suspects came down to the wire but Psycho won 34 to 31.
  • The Dark Knight (13) was the lowest seed to advance and it beat out the 4 seed Goodfellas 47 to 21
  • 5 of the 8 matchups were won by the lower seed.

Now for round 2.

Greatest Movie of All-Time

#1 The Shawshank Redemption vs. 32

#9 Training Day 18

#12 Psycho vs. 13

#13 The Dark Knight 41

#3 Forrest Gump vs. 37

#11 Saving Private Ryan 24

#10 The Godfather vs. 32

#2 Pulp Fiction 28

The decisions get much tougher in round two and I still see potential for upsets. One person guaranteed a win is Tom Hanks as two of his movies go head-to-head. I expect some debates to happen over some of these matches.

Now for the shows bracket which actually only saw two upsets thought it looked like it would be more dramatic going in.

Quick highlights

  • The Wire vs. It’s Always Sunny was a back and forth race throughout the weekend but Sunny pulled it away at the end for the upset.
  • Boardwalk Empire never stood a chance despite having been voted in as a higher seed than Chappelle’s Show. It appears that most didn’t consider the latter an option when they were submitting shows but when the two were head-to-head the choice was clear.
  • I clearly underestimated Community, or overestimated the strength of Thrones. We may find out in round 2.

Greatest Show of All-Time

#1 Breaking Bad vs. 30

#8 Seinfeld 6

#5 South Park vs. 13

#4 The Office 36

#3 The Sopranos vs. 20

#11 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 11

#10 Chappelle’s Show vs. 20

#2 Game of Thrones 27

There were people online that were mad that we had comedies vs. dramas in this bracket but as we move to round two there are 5 comedies on the board and just 3 dramas. The dramas are the top 3 seeds but I think at least one goes down in round 2. We shall see.

I’ll be posting polls on Facebook and Twitter so feel free to vote in both (and follow both if you like *shrug*).


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