Greatest Show and Movie of All-Time (Semi-Finals)

With two rounds down things have gotten much less surprising on the tv side while the movie side has yielded some interesting results. Less technical issues in round 2 made the votes somewhat more level but lets get into it. 

Greatest Show and Movie of All-Time (Round 2) *Results Added*

Round 1 of our tournament has ended and it was quite the adventure. There were issues with twitter, some debate over the format, barely any people knowing I have a page on Facebook. Regardless, we made it through and we’re on to the second round. 

Greatest Show and Movie of All-Time Brackets

A few weeks ago I got the idea to make a tournament among my followers to see what they think are the greatest shows and movies of all-time. I got a lot of answers and a ton of shows/movies that I expected to see weren’t mentioned at all.