Soldier of War available on VOD: Review

Soldier of War is an indie horror flick that wastes no time building to the action. Yet another solid film from Uncork’d Entertainment.  

Like the film, let’s get right down to business.

Elevator Review

While the budget constraints are clear, Soldier of War does enough with what it has to be an entertaining film. The ghost/monster spends the majority of the film without us knowing what it looks like and that works here. It’s aggressive and the story has historical elements that make it interesting. If you’re an indie horror fanatic you’ll enjoy this one.


In Soldier of War, two young boys stumble upon an underground bunker and release the sleeping ghost of a soldier who died during WW2. One of the boys makes it out of the bunker, only to be hit by a car and go into a coma. The friend is presumed missing and a search begins. During the search the soldier, still on his mission begins killing people who enter the woods and setting traps to protect himself against anyone who comes in after him.

Of course, the investigators are slow to get around to this line of thinking and it takes a “senile” old man (John Rhys-Davies, Lord of the Rings) to come explain what is happening here. When he starts predicting some of the killer’s moves, they have no choice but to take him seriously.


John Rhys-Davies

I mentioned Davies above because he actually won Best Actor for this role at the Eerie Film Festival (Eerie Horror Fest). His character and scenes were my favorite parts of the movie. He spends the majority of the film in a nursing home being nagged and ignored as he starts to notice what’s going on in a familiar wooded area. Eventually he reaches out trying to help solve the case as the bodies start to pile up.

these scenes are funny but also shed light on the way people treat some of our older generations as they age. He’s immediately dismissed as senile though his theories start adding up. It was a great role in this film and I see why he got some love in the festival.


I’m personally not a fan of gore and this movie does have a few pretty gory moments. It wasn’t overwhelmingly gory but there were a few head-turning moments for me. If you can’t stand any gore you’ll want to skip it but if you can deal with a little then this one is fine for you.


I really enjoyed the premise behind this film. There are a lot of smart elements and the execution was solid all things considered. Looking past the few questionable moments that you’re going to get in most horror films, it was an enjoyable watch and is worth your time if you’re a horror fan.

Soldier of War is currently available via several VOD platforms and will be available via DVD as of April 9th.



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