NBA Draft 2018: Sleepers

Following behind my top 50 I wanted to address the sleepers on my big board and why I am so high on these players. Here are the reasons I like these 5 guys more than most do. 

NBA Draft 2018: Bibs’ top 50

After watching full games for over 100 draft prospects, I’m finally ready to reveal my top 50. This is based on where I expect guys to be in 5 years. Let the debate begin!

NBA Draft 2018: Michael Porter, Jr. Profile

Michael Porter, Jr. was once considered the best player in his class. His back issues have some worried about long-term risks. However, if healthy he reminds me of a certain player when he was 19. 

NBA Draft 2018: Mo Bamba Profile

Mo Bamba… Most analysts think that he has the highest ceiling of any big man in the draft. However, many fear he will be a bust. I agree with the former, and completely disagree with the latter. 

NBA Draft 2018: Marvin Bagley Profile

Marvin Bagley is a freak athlete who pops off the screen when you watch him. He’s incredibly raw but still averaged 21 points and 11 rebounds per game at Duke, when he should have still been in high school. 

NBA Draft 2018: Luka Doncic Profile

Luka Doncic is a polarizing prospect. His production in Europe has some saying he should be the #1 pick. While others fear he’s not athletic enough to be an elite NBA player.

NBA Draft 2018: Deandre Ayton Profile

If Deandre Ayton was a finished product he’d be a good NBA player. A player with his frame, motor, and shooting touch is a generational talent that can change a franchise. 

NBA Mock Draft: Picks 15-30

We pick up where we left off. Just after the lottery. This year’s draft is deep with guys that will be contributors for teams for years to come with plenty of sleeper potential. We’ll keep the same format with Josh’s picks first and mine below. #15. Portland – Luke Kennard Portland has three 1st round picks….

2017 NBA Mock Draft: Lottery

The NBA draft is a spectacle unlike any other. In a few nights, 60 young up-and-comers are going to hear their name called – and any one of them could completely change a franchise’s fortunes, regardless of where they are drafted…