In the Tall Grass takes a few too many turns

In the Tall Grass has an interesting premise that seems simple enough. You get caught up in the mystery for a while but once the answers begin to be realized the story takes a bit too long to conclude. The end will leave you with something interesting to debate with friends or family though. 

So I reluctantly saw Joker… (review)

After sitting through the 2 hour duration of Joker I feel justified in my initial thoughts about its existence. I didn’t really learn anything new about the character and there wasn’t really anything incredible about the way the story is told. The Joker is a well known character and was the centerpiece of a movie that has made it to the Final round of my greatest movie of all time tournament.

I think the hype ruined Booksmart for me

While I don’t want to REALLY make the comparison I have to. Booksmart was essentially a woman led version of Superbad with smarter leads. The style of comedy, the adventure aspect, all of it. While there was more story here, that’s the best way to describe what you’re getting into. 

Arctic: The Latest Man vs. Nature epic

Arctic does not have a ton of dialogue as you’d imagine. Yet Mikkelsen manages to be engaging throughout. You have some of the typical moments from these types of movies but the stakes do increase at every turn. By the end you’ll feel like you were stranded with him which means it does its job. 

Brad Pitt is mostly forgettable in Ad Astra (review)

Ad Astra has a few fun moments but is mostly about a guy dealing with his issues surrounding his father. Issues he doesn’t seem to realize he has but learns over the course of the film. Not a bad movie but not a memorable one either. 

Greatest Show and Movie of All-Time (Semi-Finals)

With two rounds down things have gotten much less surprising on the tv side while the movie side has yielded some interesting results. Less technical issues in round 2 made the votes somewhat more level but lets get into it. 

Hustlers is the movie we wanted Widows to be

Hustlers makes you care about the ladies before you ever get sucked into the crime-thriller aspect of the movie. It’s a movie about strippers that doesn’t overly sexualize the women. You can tell there were no men involved in the writing or direction as the male gaze was absent and it made all the difference.

Greatest Show and Movie of All-Time (Round 2) *Results Added*

Round 1 of our tournament has ended and it was quite the adventure. There were issues with twitter, some debate over the format, barely any people knowing I have a page on Facebook. Regardless, we made it through and we’re on to the second round. 

Greatest Show and Movie of All-Time Brackets

A few weeks ago I got the idea to make a tournament among my followers to see what they think are the greatest shows and movies of all-time. I got a lot of answers and a ton of shows/movies that I expected to see weren’t mentioned at all.

It Chapter Two, too long and anti-climactic (review)

It Chapter Two put together a dream cast with a combined 2 Oscar nominations, 6 Emmy nominations and 1 Emmy win (2, 3, and the win respectively from Jessica Chastain alone). Now the question was how they would go about telling this part of the story and could they truly capture the magic that the kids did with a group of 40 year olds?