Oklahoma City Thunder – Season Preview 

The Big OK3 – After Westrbook carried the city on his back last year and watched The Snake/Cupcake/Catfish (whatever we’re calling KD these days) ride off into the sunset with a ring. He needed help, and this summer Sam Presti went and got it. They were able to bring in both Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to assist Westrbook in his quest to take the West and it will be interesting to see how the trio comes together. 

NBA Free Agency Tracker *Updated Live*

*Last updated 8/01/17 at 6:30 PM* Signings New Place Gordon Hayward – Signs with the Celtics: 4 years, $128 million Paul Millsap – Signs with the Nuggets: 3 years, $90 million  JJ Redick – Signs with the 76ers: 1 year, $23 million Danilo Gallinari – Signs with the Clippers: 3 years, $65 million (after being traded) Jeff Teague – Signs with the Wolves: 3…