Mavs 3rd Quarter Report Card

Just like the first quarter and mid-season report cards, I’ll be handing out letter grades for all of the key players and Coach Carlisle. These are not grades on how good they are, this is a grade on how good they have been at the things they should be doing this season.  Continue reading Mavs 3rd Quarter Report Card

Mavs 1st Quarter Report Card

Before the season I predicted the Mavs would make the playoffs but I had them in the 7-8 range. However with some of the top teams underperforming for different reasons (Blazers and Warriors injuries, Jazz chemistry) the Mavs looked to be in even better position to make the playoffs, perhaps a 4-5 seed. It appears Luka has other plans, though and has carried the Mavs all the way to the 2 seed one fourth of the way through the season. Continue reading Mavs 1st Quarter Report Card

New York Knicks – Season Preview 

Carmelo Traded – Another team, another corner stone that is no longer there. Carmelo was traded just before the preseason to the OKC Thunder and so his ride in NY is over. Kristaps Porzingis is immediately elevated to the face of the franchise and with the drafting of French PG Frank Ntilikina and the signing of SG Tim Hardaway, Jr. the team has a solid young core to build around. The trade brought over Doug McDermott and Enes Kanter who figure to be key contributors for this team right away as well.  Continue reading New York Knicks – Season Preview