Knock at the Cabin Review

M. Night Shyamalan’s movies are hit or miss for me lately so walking into Knock at the Cabin my only goal was to leave the theater less than annoyed. Mission accomplished.

Have You Scene?: Free Skate Review

Free Skate is a sports film that tackles a tough subject through the eyes of a young figure skater. Veera Vilo and Roope Olenius submit their entry into the #MeToo movement’s tales of women surviving abuse.

Scooter: New found footage thriller

“The Three Amigoes” are popular youtubers who do challenges on their channel. They’ve been friends all of their lives and get to make money together by just being goofy online. In Scooter, they take on a challenge that is much bigger than anything they’ve done before as they will try to ride low powered scooters from Miami to New Orleans. Over 800 miles. I’m not sure they even made it out of Florida.