Golden State Warriors – Season Preview

Will the Champs Repeat? – After winning the title in 2015 the Warriors learned the following year that repeating in this league is not easy. After losing in 2016 the Warriors went out and recruited the (arguably) second best player in the league and climbed back to the mountain top. They know this time that they can’t get comfortable but while they were coasting to the title the other teams in the West were plotting their moves and the result is about the wildest offseason we’ve had in years. We now have a big 3 in OKC, the Wolves, Nuggets, and Rockets all made huge moves in the offseason, and people seem to have forgotten about the Blazers and Spurs. Getting through the West will be no easy task on it’s own before they even get to see the Eastern Conference Champion. 

2012 NBA Draft: 5 Years Later

Hello again. One of the main reasons that I started this  blog was to house my NBA Draft scouting reports. Every year since 2012 I’ve taken the time to look at video of as many NBA hopefuls as I could. Back in 2012 I ended up looking at video of 41 NBA hopefuls. Some of…