Miami Heat – Season Preview 

Unfinished Business – Last year the Miami Heat made history. They started the season 11-30…. then went 30-11 to end the year. They actually tied with the Bulls for the 8 seed but lost the tie breaker. According to reports there were tears shed in the locker room after their last game. They brought back their key free agents with huge paydays to keep the core together around Dragic and Whiteside while adding big man depth which was an issue last year. The Heat come into this season on a mission to finish what they started in the second half of last season. 

2012 NBA Draft: 5 Years Later

Hello again. One of the main reasons that I started this  blog was to house my NBA Draft scouting reports. Every year since 2012 I’ve taken the time to look at video of as many NBA hopefuls as I could. Back in 2012 I ended up looking at video of 41 NBA hopefuls. Some of…