The 3rd Round Picks Podcast


In early December of 2018 I joined a podcast with Richard Stayman (@MavsDraft) and Max Levy (@MaxScouts) called “The 3rd Round Picks.” There, we talk all things NBA draft with episodes posting weekly on Tuesdays. We plan to keep this rolling for the foreseeable future so if you prefer to listen to podcasts over reading, be sure to check us out.

I couldn’t have picked two better guys to work with on this and hope we continue to grow and improve as we move forward.

You can find us at the below sites:

Apple/iTunes: The 3rd Round Picks on Apple

Amazon: The 3rd Round Picks on Google Podcasts

Spotify: The 3rd Round Picks on Spotify

The last episode of the podcast ran on September 12, 2019. You can now find Richard on LockedOn NBA Draft Podcast (Tuesdays) and me at the Mavs Outsiders Podcast and BibsCorner Podcast, of course.