Friends of the Show

This section features the frequent collaborators and people who have contributed to the site or podcast from the beginning.

Raymondo pic

Raymond (Peliculas and Cosas)

Bio: A frequently asked question is the meaning behind the name of the site, and if there is some kind of deep meaning behind it? Not really, the meaning is all in the name. The content that’s usually posted here is about movies [Películas] and sometimes other things [Cosas].

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Tyler Lennon (The Lennon Closet)

Sports editor for the Sulphur Springs News-Telegram/podcast host. As much of a movie nerd as I am a sports nerd (with a bias to all things horror).
You can find the podcast on iTunes/Spotify “The Lennon Closet” or at our website

Cory Bio pic

Cory Thomas

Cory has been involved in a few different fields which include, Scouting high school basketball, Music (retired), and Information Technology. Cory is an avid Movie, Anime, and TV Show watcher who thoroughly enjoys taking in these forms of media, while deeply analyzing, critiquing, and writing reviews for fun. Cory prefers good Horror, Comedy, and strong thought-provoking movies; he acknowledges his bias towards War and Romance movies as Rom-Coms barely squeak by.
Instagram (RoyciedaK9 is the correct page and yes his dog is named after Royce Da 5’9 lol)
If you want to check out his music:

Mike K Bio pic

Mike Kirkland

Mike’s full bio can be read on the about page but I did want to write one here as well. Mike and I have talked about everything from sports, to movies, to life-changing events so getting him involved was a no-brainer. Mike is the only person, besides me, to write an article for this site and there is no doubt that he’ll be contributing in many ways for years to come. He’s been streaming on twitch lately so I’m going to plug his twitter and his twitch below.